Greeting, from a tea lover, wanderer from Myanmar. My name is Kyinue Mya and I am here to promote a simpler, minimalistic approach of living a life intentionally by focusing on decluttering unnecessary needs.


I had been writing several articles about how I perceive the world and surroundings for some times which focus on raising awareness of a particular lifestyle which pivots around green and natural methods and tips. 

On June 2019, I decided to implement this idea by starting a group on facebook, called “Zero Waste Community Myanmar” to build a community and share and network among people of Myanmar. Then I expanded into a facebook page as Sein Mya to write about green life style in my native language. “Sein Mya” is derived from my name “Mya” which means emerald and with the combination of “Sein” (green colour in Myanmar), it turns out as Lush Greenery.


Later I have met with amazing individuals in the facebook group who share mutual visions and are enthusiastic for a better world and they are really involving in their ways by any means. It is indeed very challenging to dwell as a waste less person in the period of consumerism. However, I am trying to become the most efficient and sufficient person with a bare minimum waste, starting with baby steps. In fact, it is a long journey to attain this lifestyle that I desire. At the mean time, everyone could have different situations and opinions on this matter and here, I am exposing my stories about waste free and slow living to express the kind of belief, I hold.