Welcome to Sein Mya

Living in a quiet and slow(ish) life

Living in an Urban City but always dream of to live in a countryside or village. DOWNSIZING as much as I can in life is my target. I believe LESS IS MORE.

Discover inner peace is my value in life

Meditation sounds difficult for some people. Mindfulness lessons or yoga sounds more fun. Meditation and mindfulness is quite similar. We can practice mindfulness anytime, anywhere and with anyone by being fully engaged in the here and now. Meditation is an intentional practice, where you use focus to increase calmness, concentration, awareness, and emotional balance. It helps me to calm my mind and observe the reality within myself. I am more focus and conscious. For everyday practice, keep notice in everything I do (Mindfulness) helps me. Each year, I go to A 10 days- meditation course for Meditation practice Vipassana Meditation, please check the link for more,the technique I am practicing.

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